Update on the Big Move

October 20, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

and after

Time for an update!
Yes, we’re still moving…and expanding…but as anyone who’s ever had to remodel knows, everything always takes longer than you think it will. Especially when I am the one doing the time estimate, as I’ve been reminded a few times now by Rhiannon and Nancy both…
We thoroughly gutted the old Lind’s Jewelry space at 105 First Street in Langley, and have built new walls to re-partition the space for our needs.
Here’s a before and after just to bring you up to speed.



and after

And after…

It feels like we have a long way to go, but at the same time, it will go quickly once we jump back in. (more…)

On the Move…

September 7, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

105 First Street - The "Old Lind's Space"

Our Move is to the “Old Lind’s Space” in Langley

So…we’re moving the whole operation to what locals refer to as “the old Lind’s Jewelry space” in Langley. Yeah – that space next door to Whidbey Island Bank, downstairs…on 1st street.

The inside as it was left...needs a lot of work!

The inside as it was left…needs a lot of work!

You can imagine we’re pretty excited. (more…)

Announcing Our Merger

September 7, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

Fine Balance Imaging and Printing New Logo 2016


I’ll cut to the chase here, since it’s already been seeded by my other creative partner (my wife, Rhiannon) over on her blog post for Feather & Fox’s big move when she teased the idea of a merger.

Yes, a Merger!

Fine Balance Imaging and Whidbey Island Printing are merging to become one: Fine Balance Imaging & Printing.

And we’re taking Feather & Fox with us. And we’re moving back to Langley. It’s where Fine Balance began as a collaboration with local artists a little over ten years ago. (more…)

Systems Collapse: What We Do When Technology Breaks

February 4, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

When Fixing a Printer Looks like a Crime Scene

When a printing studio loses a printer, it’s a significant setback. We are beholden to our technology more than we often acknowledge.

Last week after a typical “bad” print showing some banding, we ran a cleaning on our 8-year-old Epson 9800. Yeah, it’s that old. Ancient in terms of modern technology. But it’s a workhorse.

Of course we have upgraded in the last few years, having added an Epson 9900 about five years ago. Both, really, are workhorses. Considering the abuse they get with various kinds of fibrous papers, casting an array of paper dust every time it cuts another print off the roll, or even worse, the ridiculous materials we’ve thrown at them over the years – including all manner of fabrics with their abundant shedding of fibers…I’m surprised we don’t have to replace them entirely every couple of years.

But it seems that last week our trusty 9800 would not get through a cleaning and come out with a good print on the other end. In fact, there was no ink on the paper at all. None. (more…)

Limits of Visualizing Wealth Inequality

January 28, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

I know, it’s a strange topic: why would a printing and design company care about visualizing wealth inequality?
Kind of a long story, but the short version: we’re all affected by it, even if we don’t think about it day to day…and yet, in conversation with our friend and client Tom Trimbath, we discovered that actually trying to get our heads around the intangible scale of the numbers that factually describe wealth inequality, there’s no easy way to visualize it with the actual numbers.

When dealing with a disparity where the numbers are literally 62 versus 3.5 Billion…there’s no way to show it. (more…)