Get The Cobbler Some Shoes! (or, Marketing with Smarter Design)

September 28, 2015 Written by Fine Balance Imaging

yikes! but it's coming together

Ah, marketing. The last priority on the list of to-dos for the small business owner. It eludes even we who offer graphic design for our clients’ marketing efforts.

I started my “real life” in the “real world” while I was still in college, going to an art school nights and working full time at a high-tech corporation in marketing. Technically, I started in admin assistance (read: lackey), and then found myself somehow in IT, and then was taken under the wing of the former VP of Worldwide Marketing at HP back in the day, who had come to our little tech company to teach us a few things…

In the beginning, I didn’t know squat about marketing. (more…)

Printing Whales and Narwhals

August 15, 2015 Written by Tom Trimbath

Narwhal Decal

There’s a sperm whale under his white board and someone wants a narwhal downstairs. All they have for sale is a octopus.  

I dropped by Fine Balance Imaging, officially to talk about business, unofficially because they are fun folks to visit. A lot has been happening with the shop. New metal prints, fabric prints that cover the entire cloth, even bracelets. They also do decals, and that’s where the narwhal comes in.

We Made Some Things…

July 27, 2015 Written by Fine Balance Imaging

Cosmic Feathers Custom Dye Sublimation All Over Shirt Print

WOW. So this is exciting: we are now able to print custom apparel! And just about anything else you might want an image on!

Yeah – you read that right.

Here’s the deal: we’ve been testing our dye sublimation printer so we could launch Metal Prints on Your Print Studio, as well as here locally in our design and printing studio Fine Balance Imaging. But then it dawned on us (more…)

Feather & Fox is Fantastic!

July 30, 2014 Written by Fine Balance Imaging

Feather & Fox boutique

Just in case you missed the memo…
While we’ve been churning away on this new website, building a brand new part of our business called Emergent Surfaces for wall decals, wall murals, and custom decor, we also decided to, well…open a whole other business.  Because we’re crazy. (more…)


July 7, 2014 Written by Fine Balance Imaging

Small daisy in blurred field of grass

We started on a journey of overhauling our website, well, long ago, but here it is!

While most of our business over the last nine years has been through word of mouth from one artist or business owner to another, we know that online things move faster.  We have a Facebook Page for Fine Balance Imaging Studios, so Like us on FB and we’ll make sure you find out about the latest promotions, highlighted artists and their stories, and cool new techniques we’ve discovered along the way that can help you realize your vision. (more…)