New Developments

April 24, 2017 Written by Joe Menth

Busy-ness is a sign of good business, right?

Well, we’ve been getting busy working on all kinds of new developments.

As with most growth, it takes a leap of faith to make any progress. And as with most things in life, everything tends to happen at once when you decide to make big changes.

Emergent beauty in the Universe

The Universe strives for ever greater complexity, which is not without its challenges. But what emerges is always something of beauty.

Since we’re in the mode of transitions and transforming our lives for the better with all of our latest efforts, it’s only fitting we do this now. It’s been gestating for a couple months so it seemed time to begin the big reveal.

Making a Book (Also – We are OPEN!)

February 16, 2017 Written by Joe Menth

Finished book stack - crop

Oh my. It has been a fast paced existence for us in the last month and a half since we re-opened the studio with quadruple the services we had prior to the Big Move and consolidation of all copy center and business printing services from our purchase of Whidbey Island Printing & Office Supply.

We are…adapting. And quickly. It’s all good. The pace of “copy center” life versus “fine art printing” life is quite different, but not bad. And to boot, we’re of course still doing all of the fine art reproductions, photographic printing, and graphic design work that we’ve always done. We’re just now also cranking out hundreds or thousands of other printed sheets of paper every day on top of that.

Which brings me to our newest capability, with which I’ve just now had the adventure of prototyping and producing a final product: bookmaking. Not the comb binding “8th grade book report” look. Not the wire binding “sales presentation look”. No, we’re talking about actual soft-cover perfect-bound books. (more…)

Update on the Big Move

October 20, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

and after

Time for an update!
Yes, we’re still moving…and expanding…but as anyone who’s ever had to remodel knows, everything always takes longer than you think it will. Especially when I am the one doing the time estimate, as I’ve been reminded a few times now by Rhiannon and Nancy both…
We thoroughly gutted the old Lind’s Jewelry space at 105 First Street in Langley, and have built new walls to re-partition the space for our needs.
Here’s a before and after just to bring you up to speed.



and after

And after…

It feels like we have a long way to go, but at the same time, it will go quickly once we jump back in. (more…)

On the Move…

September 7, 2016 Written by Joe Menth

105 First Street - The "Old Lind's Space"

Our Move is to the “Old Lind’s Space” in Langley

So…we’re moving the whole operation to what locals refer to as “the old Lind’s Jewelry space” in Langley. Yeah – that space next door to Whidbey Island Bank, downstairs…on 1st street.

The inside as it was left...needs a lot of work!

The inside as it was left…needs a lot of work!

You can imagine we’re pretty excited. (more…)